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Steven-at-workSteven combines a movement screening test into his Myosteopractic approach. He uses corrective exercises to address the identified neuromuscular imbalance, so helping to avoid future injury.





Diploma in Myosteopractic

    • Certified Thai Massage Practitioner - Institute of Thai Massage Cape Town
    • Diploma of Sports Coaches - SASSPER Level 1
    • Movement studies. ETA
    • Exercise Leaders Certificate - Fitness Instructor. ETA
      Personal Fitness Trainer Certificate. ETA
    • Sports Performance Fitness Trainer - Advanced Diploma, Merit Award. ETA
    • Martial Arts Coach FMAS - Affiliated Training Group, Cape Town. SBGi


Steven Bazzea is currently in private practice, running the Alive Wellness Centre. He has been working in the health and exercise industry for over 19 years and has been a professional martial arts coach for 30 years. He has a profound admiration for the functioning's of the human body and moreover, for the body in movement. He teaches adults as well as children, individually and in groups, facilitating a variety of skill levels ranging from martial arts coaching to remedial exercise and fitness conditioning.


How the body works in movement - a fascinating study; and Italian coffee.


Long Beach (Fish Hoek), Cape Town

Tel: +27 83 7601183

Email: steve@alive-wellness.co.za

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