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Steve-WorkingFounding member and co-originator of Myosteopractic Functional Bodywork. Cross-trained in several bodywork modalities. Steve has integrated his cross-functional training into a highly engaged, effective system.

“Steve has an uncanny ability to find the exact spot - and he wastes no time in getting to it.”



    • Myosteopractic Functional Bodywork
    • Japanese Acupuncture
    • Chinese Acupuncture
    • Body Stress Release
    • Directed non-force skeletal techniques
    • Neural path technique
    • Myofascia techniques
    • Bowen Technique
    • Bone setting
    • Trager
    • Plus others


Steve brings twenty years of professional bodywork, personal training and research to his practice. He has facilitated training for Myosteo-practitioners since 2006. His bodywork philosophy and system was influenced by his personal engagement with the martial arts - a passion since 1981. This training has provided an uncommon understanding of the body: its movements, possibilities and capacity to heal.

His greatest learning came from the personal experience of healing his own chronic back pain.
Steve injured his back in 1978 while trying to break the SA power lifting dead lift record. He suffered lower back pain and sciatica for thirty years. During this period he received bodywork treatments from mainstream physiotherapists and alternative healers, as well as a lumbar disc operation in 1998, all to no avail. In 2009 Steve finally resolved his back problem by applying Myosteopractic releases on himself.


Mixed martial arts, functional bodywork methods and histories, chi kung, living simply...


Timour Hall (Between Plumstead & Constantia), Cape Town
Tel: +27 73 071 7745

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