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Kirsten-Sparks-WorkingKirsten’s focused approach allows her to track tension in the body effectively and purposefully. With her background training, as well as working intuitively, she successfully persists in getting to the root cause of discomfort allowing for effective release.






    • Myosteopractic Functional Bodywork
    • Holistic Massage
    • Advanced Sports Massage


Originally coming from a corporate background Kirsten knows firsthand the negative effects stress can have on one’s body, both physically and emotionally. Also having suffered from chronic shoulder pain for many years she found Myosteopractic to be the only modality that effectively resolved the issue.

Through these personal experiences, as well as her growing interest in body function, and dysfunction, it lead her to pursue a new career in bodywork, and in which she continues to broaden her knowledge of natural healing.


Family, health, healing…….and that little bit of dark chocolate


90 Letchworth Drive, Edgemead

Cell: 084 552 4774

e-mail: kirsten@myosteo.co.za


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